Disaster Restoration & Remediation

Disaster restoration for structures of all shapes and sizes is our forte.

From the roof to the fence, you can rely on Domingil for a complete "turnkey" solution to any disaster from the initial emergency response through structural restoration to pre-loss condition while minimizing occupant disruption. We understand that every step of the restoration process needs to be exceptionally executed and communicated to all concerned parties to provide the best service to Domingil`s Property Manager customers.

Periodic Property Care

Property Managers choose to use Domingil as their "one-stop" for all their daily and reactive property care needs. We provide everyday interior and exterior maintenance services including electrical, plumbing, painting, fencing, roofing, etc... Property Managers particularly appreciate the comfort of knowing they can turn to our team of professionals to support them 24 hours a day to assist them during any incident at any time...not just for major emergency services. Our reactive maintenance services could be anything from renovations to clean ups, after hours security support to curb painting.

Additional Emergencies Services

  • Wind damage
  • Groundwater flood events
  • Mold remediation
  • Biohazard emergency response
  • Trauma emergency response
  • Emergency services necessitated by vandalism and theft events
  • Roofing emergencies
  • Plumbing emergencies
  • Vehicle - structure impact
  • Wildlife intrusions.

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