After checking out about a dozen builders, we signed with Domingil Construction. Luis knew we were concerned about quality, and he even went so far as to arrange a tour of one of his previous homes for us. When we saw the amazing craftsmanship of his home, we knew right away he was the right builder. Now that we’re in our home, friends constantly comment on what a great job the builder did. Thanks, Luis

Kyle and Amanda Bothell, Home Owner

We began the process of custom of the med spa with trepidation because of some serious problems we had with contractors in the past. However, we had heard of Domingil Construction's good reputation, so we gave it a go. We’re really glad we chose to use them. They made this process as stress-free as possible.

Elizabeth Figueroa, Owner, Casa Blanca Med Spa

Luis and his crew were right on in their planning and estimates. Some other builders wanted to charge us rates for materials + time, but we didn’t want to be responsible for the huge cost of labor delays. We got our custom dream home for the price he quoted and he did a great job.

Steve B., Everett, Home Owner