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How to optimize time management for your renovation

More often than not, the focal point of a major home renovation project is the budget, yet many forget that time is also of the essence. The old maxim that time is money can be very true when you're in the midst of a renovation. While it's easy to remember to budget your money, it's…
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Green Your Home: Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable

Every day, we’re directed to recycle, through radio, advertisements, and even local and federal governments. Perhaps many of us no longer take it seriously; hey, we hear it every day, so who cares, right? Wrong. Each one of us has a duty towards the environment, and there are countless things we can do to fulfill…
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Top Construction Trends for 2016

The construction industry is going to flourish in 2016. According to Dodge Data and Analytics, the U.S. construction industry will rise 9% to $612 billion over the next year, trouncing 2014’s 5% gain to $564 billion. But this growth won’t be evenly dispersed, and the face of these construction companies is rapidly changing, both with…
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